Command Line and Environment

Proper Instalation Structure

Directory structure of LIMS instalation is now prescribed and accessible by almost mandatory system variable LIMS_HOME. Executables are in "bin" subdirectory, scripts in "lib" subdirectory. Help files, if any, should go to "info" directory and documents to "man" directory, making the tree look like this:

   $LIMS_HOME            ; default config.lim is here
+------bin ; programs go here
+------lib ; lbasic scripts go here
+------info ; on-line help goes here
+------man ; documentation in text and html format

Search Order

Command Line Arguments

Arguments used by LIMS kernel (main module) are:


The first one takes no arguments and prevents loading of standard config.lim script. The second one allows to LOAD different script. This script is searched for as with the standard LOAD command. Multiple scripts and definitions can be specified, they are loaded in reverse order.

Arguments working for other modules are:

TECPLOTEXT=<tec> sets <tec> to be tecplot default extension

All of these arguments but TECPLOTEXT are consumed only by the CONSOLE module in slave version and set the identification number (needed for slave version), initial levels and optional file name for file containing the other switches. Recursion of files (via CONSINI) is possible but not recommended.

INI File

Some settings not accessible to LBASIC are stored in file lims45.ini in
current and %LIMS_HOME% directory. The current directory is searched
first. Format of the file is multiple lines of pattern


Where Value might be, depending on identifier, a string or number. The
settings may be overriden by specifying them on command line. The valid
identifiers are ID, PRINT, MESSAGES and TECPLOTEXT.


The switches -x, -l and -D are available only on command line. If you want to make any of these
permanent, you might change config.lim, right?